A Little Bit More About Me

I'm Colombian, I'm German, I'm Canadian.

I like many things.  So many in fact, that I've been called a true Renaissance woman a couple of times.

I like to eat and I like to dance.  I also like to write and I'm just starting to feel comfortable enough to write in English.  Thus the blog.

I love Twitter.  Before that I loved Facebook.  Before Facebook, I had a brief affair with MySpace.  I still keep a profile on MySpace cause I need to be in touch with bands, some of which I hire for Swing events.  

I had a very intense fling with Google Wave and I will miss it greatly.  I think Wave was deeply misunderstood.

I love animals and I love my cat in particular.  He likes to cuddle with me while I write blog posts.  But most of all, I love my Bear.

I speak Spanish, Italian and English.  About to start learning German.  

Some people hate me, some people think I'm adorable.  I am that kind of person, I guess.  I'm very passionate about what I do.  I love good discussions and I love to be challenged.  Contrary to those who think I am opinionated, I don't mind at all changing my mind if you prove to me that I am wrong.

I tend to be very loud but that is not entirely my fault as I am hard of hearing and can't always tell the volume of my voice.

I dance for a living... sort of ;) I work for this awesome Swing Dance school called Swing Dynamite.  I do all sort of things there like organizing events, DJing, managing our online communities, teaching the Beginner lessons on our weekly dances. I'm also part of three of our teams, the Rhythm Blasters, the Jam Crew and Dynamite Girls. Did a short stint with the Westie Bombers but four teams at the same time is a little bit two much - even for me.

If you wanna learn more about me I guess you'll have to keep reading!

Welcome to my blog.  Hope you enjoy the experience!